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Day Two


Day two in Torquay has been a busy day of activities that the children have thoroughly enjoyed. It has been a suitably tiring day so we're expecting a quiet nighttime tonight!
This morning was spent on our first set of activities which, depending on the teams, ranged from quad biking to crate building. The driving skills of the children thankfully bode well for the future as they tackled the quad biking track with huge confidence! They also enjoyed the challenge of stacking crates as a team to enable others to climb an ever-higher stack! We learned the skills of b-laying to support a partner hanging from a harness. We will be practising the skills throughout the week in a range of adventurous activities.
The relentless drizzle (which began just before lunch) did not dampen our spirits as some groups tackled the Vertical Challenge, scaling a wall of ladders and tyres, trying to get to the next level of difficulty, while still under the rain. The encouragement of teammates and enthusiasm for the challenge was fantastic to see!
The late evening sun is out tonight and we are now about to set off for a game of Night Trackers, which is similar to a giant game of hide and seek! We will update you tomorrow on day three of our journey, which hopefully will be a little drier...

Day Two

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