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Welcome to B4!


It has been a really exciting week in B4 with the pantomime, the Christmas lunch and a fantastic keyboard concert (with quite a few of our B4 classmates taking centre stage - well done!). We started on Monday with a workshop to build our very own Iron Man. The artist Darcy Turner came in for the day to show us how to use various techniques such as metal bashing to create a metal sculpture. The children made every limb in groups and it was fantastic to see their teamwork in action! We hope you’ve all had a chance to admire the children’s work at the entrance of the school as our Iron Man now stands proudly ready to welcome you to Bushey Manor.


We also enjoyed some Christmas science investigating the case of the dissolving candy canes. We designed a test to see whether Father Christmas’ candy canes might be salvageable after falling into a bucket of an unknown liquid. Our various tests helped us conclude that the candy canes would dissolve faster in hot water (we had predicted this based on our experience of eating candy canes!), vinegar and laundry detergent! We watched in amazement as the colour disappeared and as the candy cane grew thinner and thinner. It was fantastic to see the children thinking scientifically by making predictions, ensuring their test was fair, thinking of new ideas (would candy canes dissolve in reindeer wee? We think it might because of the heat!) and keeping track of their results (measuring with stopwatches and rulers). Well done B4!


We continued our Christmas science by building the tallest towers out of toothpicks and gumdrops. The range of designs was really impressive and the techniques very varied (saliva was used as glue between the gumdrops). We learned that we needed a secure base (square or triangular) and to ensure that our design was symmetrical so that our tower did not lean too much. When measuring for the tallest tower, we did get very competitive!


Finally on Friday, we met the Grinch! We were given the challenge of writing a letter to convince him not to cancel Christmas. We first used role play to put forward arguments to persuade the Grinch not to kill our Christmas spirit. Then we explored the letter he had sent us to see which persuasive techniques he had used on us to persuade us that cancelling Christmas was a good idea. This gave us ammunition to write our own letter back to him to convince him once and for all not to cancel our entire festive season! We will be reading these out to the Grinch on Monday to find out if we managed to make a convincing argument… Fingers crossed!


We were also introduced to Mathletics which is a great resource to practise mathematical fluency, competing in games with other players to become much faster in mental maths. The excitement in the classroom was such that usernames and passwords have been sent home in the back of reading records so children can continue to play at home and enjoy accessing those higher levels as they progress through the programme. Ask your children to show you how it works though don’t hold us responsible for the shouting that usually follows as they compete with other children against the clock!

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