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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C Holliman

Week 1 - 17th April

We are back to school and we begin the count-down to the end of our final term as a happy and determined team. How time flies when you are having fun!


Following bank holiday Monday we began this week on a Tuesday - all very confusing for some – but nevertheless it was good to back together after the Easter break.


Maths saw another round of practice test papers and some whole class revision. Our children are becoming more and more adept at explaining their reasoning and choice of using a particular method to calculate. These valuable skills will stand them in good stead for the future, as we all know; doing something and then showing or sharing with others is where the real depth of learning takes place. Next week will continue with honing skills and exploring any areas children feel would strengthen their own maths arsenal.


English has been mixed this week as the children had the opportunity to show off their writing ability by recounting one of their best days in the Easter break. We are now beginning to see the value of all the intense, hard work of using a wide range of punctuation, such as semi-colons, ellipses, parenthesis and many cohesive devices to enrich their writing. Well done M6, I am seeing it in your work. On Friday we began by looking at a short film of a boy who finds he has the power to fly. The class then explored this by planning their own stories on Popplet and by hot seating each other by asking questions about their ideas. We look forward to some, hopefully breathtaking and exciting work.


Our science topic this term is electricity. Starting with a concept cartoon, showing children sharing their thoughts about whether a knot in the wire in a circuit would affect its current of electricity. The first part of the research was to explore the strength of current. The children worked in groups with batteries, lights, buzzers, motors and switches to test the strength of power as they added more and more to their circuits. Not only was it a great fun learning experience, it was also very obvious, through their practical work and talk with each other that they had begun to raise their own questions. Next week we shall use their questions to begin to plan an inquiry.


PE continues with fast and furious controlled exercise followed by Yoga. This balance is proving invaluable as learning techniques to remain calm or become calm in thought body and mind are a life skill and can be used in any situation or time.