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Week 1 - 17th April

We’re back! Ready and refreshed for our final term.


In English this week, we started with a recount of our favourite day of our Easter break. Before we began writing, we thought about how we could develop our recounts to include semi-colons, parenthesis and also, make them engaging for our readers. All the hard work the children have put into developing their writing this year is paying off and we have seen some fantastic recounts. We finished the week by looking at a video of a boy who develops the ability to fly. As a class, we explored different ways in which he might find out he has the ability to fly. We then used Popplet, an iPad app, to plan our own versions of the story. Next week, we will be writing our stories.


In Maths this week, we completed another round of practise papers and discussed how to answer different questions. The children have become adept at answering a range of questions and using what they know to help them solve unfamiliar problems.

Next week, we will continue to hone our skills through discussion of questions and partner work.


This week in P.E., we continued to combine Fitter Future and Yoga. We started our sessions with a fast paced cardio workout and finished with a relaxing and calming yoga session. Check out our ‘Pictures This Week’ section to see the children in action. We will continue to develop our yoga skills, which help us relax our minds and bodies, throughout this term.