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Week 1 - 17th April

Welcome back B5! What an excellent first week back we have all had. I have been bowled over by your positivity, commitment and enthusiasm towards your learning. What a great first week - keep it up B5!


This week in Maths has seen us begin our new unit on Multiplication and Division.  We began on Tuesday with Multiplication and Factor Bugs, which encouraged us to think about what multiples and factors are (we even had some rapping and dancing to help us along the way!) 

The children used their times tables to help them explore their understanding, which in-turn enabled them to identify the times tables they need to work on. I will continue to support them in this area. The children enjoyed completing the challenges and puzzles. I think the most excitement though, came from square and cube numbers. The children really challenged themselves and explored how these numbers worked. They played board games, created their own games and even built cubes using their knowledge is square and cube numbers. It was great to see how engrossed everyone was!


In English, we have started the unit 'Legends' and begun reading our text Beowulf, an Anglo-Saxon legend. The children have explored what legends are, by carefully considering their key features and characteristics. They have begun to analyse how Michael Morpurgo uses language to create and change the mood and atmosphere of the story Beowulf.  Grendel's attack is providing the basis for the children to write and film a news report.  The children are all writing their  own scripts for a news report, by devising questions and answers based on the text, as well as using their own imagination. We are encouraging them to look at their use of language as well as logically sequencing their questions. The children are very excited about recording their reports next week! Watch this space!


The Anglo-Saxons is our topic in History. Initially the children began thinking about what an invader is, and the reasons behind an invasion. The children then discussed who a settler is, and began exploring whether settlers would be welcomed or not into British society, by considering the positives and negatives the settlers would bring to British life.  We also created a British history timeline, not only did this help the children know when The Saxon invasion occurred, it also helped them understand that Britain was invaded on several occasions during this turbulent period of time. 


Leaders in Religious Communities is being explored in RE this term. Children began to explore who the authority figures are in their daily lives - parents you were top of their lists! They carefully thought about what key features/characteristics a person in authority should have; they devised some wonderful lists and this generated some great discussions - I think we have a lot to live up to! We also debated whether all authority figures have the features/characteristics they would expect and they all agreed no.  Hitler was used as an example of an authority figure who had none of the characteristics they would expect.  


A great week of learning - well done B5!