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Week 1 - 20th February

Welcome back. Hopefully everyone had a relaxing half term and are rejuvenated and ready to learn.


We started this week by writing our final entry in our varmint diary. The children choose whether they wanted to write their diary as a retelling of his escape from the city or when he had woken up in the safe haven of the ‘jelly fish’. Having finished our work on the varmints, we focused on a new topic for the rest of the week, Donald Trump and his immigration policies. This is a subject many of the children are interested in and we used it as stimulus to write persuasive speeches and hold a debate at the end of the week.


Next week, is our annual book week. This year we will be looking at the Michael Morpurgo book, ‘Private Peaceful’. This book focuses on life before the outbreak of the First World War and life during the First World War. As well as studying the book, we will also spend time looking at the history and culture during this period.


This week, in Maths we spent time revising percentages and fractions. Much of the week was spent looking at the relationships between fractions and percentages and how we can use fractions to help us find percentages of amounts. We started by looking at finding 10% of an amount and by the end of the week, many of the children were able to find a range of percentages and apply their understanding to solving a range of percentage problems. We finished the week by looking at an arithmetic paper and discussing strategies to help us improve our ability to calculate mentally.


Next week, our Maths will take on a First World War theme as we start our book week. The children will be looking at code breaking, trajectory and measurement.


Spelling and grammar has become an important focus for Year 6 over this half term. This week, we have looked at the first 30 words, which were sent home in the pack last half term. We will look at another 30 spellings next week, please make sure you are practising your spellings. Our grammar focus has involved the children working in partners and playing games to much success. We have looked at hyphenated words and modal verbs this week.