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Week 1 - 2nd January

Welcome back!


This week, Year 5 have begun our new topic in English- 'Suspense and Mystery'. We started on Thursday by discussing our thoughts and making inferences about the cover of our story 'Room 13'. We inferred that the mystery would be about what was inside the room. We then read the first chapter and were intrigued by the strange dream that the main character had. Using this chapter, we then created a bank of effective descriptive phrases and discussed how they helped to draw us in to the story. We cannot wait to read more!


In Maths, we have been continuing our work of fractions, looking at equivalent fractions. We completed an investigation on Thursday, looking at the different ways we could represent a fraction using a square that had been divided in to triangles and how these fractions may look different but took the same amount of space. Then we learnt how to find equivalent fractions using resources such as fraction walls or by using our calculation skills. Next week, we will be looking at fractions and decimals in relation to money.


In RE, we began our topic of 'Celebrations'. We discussed the different celebrations that happen in different religions and noticed that they were often based around a story. We then looked in more detail at Purim (a celebration in Judaism) which focuses on the Story of Esther. We heard the story and then thought about the different themes that were in it and why this story is celebrated. Next week, we will look at how Purim is celebrated.