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Week 1 - 5th September

Welcome back and congratulations on completing our first week. It was wonderful to see everyone back on the first day and so eager to face the challenges of Year 6.

In English this week, we began by writing a recount of our favourite day of the holiday. Our focus for this work was ensuring we used the features of a recount, such as accurate description and events listed in chronological order, in order to excite and engage our audience. We followed this recount with an introduction to Anthony Browne’s ‘Voices in the Park’. We started by reading the text and making inferences about the four ‘Voices’. As the week progressed, we studied the book in more detail, using the images to learn more about the characters until we created our own back stories for one of the characters.

Next week in English, we will continue learning about recounts and we will be using ‘Voices in the Park’ to assist us.

As this Summer has seen the most successful Team GB Olympics, and with the Paralympics starting this week, we began the week with an Olympics Maths problem solving lesson. We continued the week cementing our understanding of place value. Next week in Maths we will be learning about negative numbers and decimals.

In P.E. we are focusing on the skills used in Invasion Games, our focus will be Tag Rugby. Our first session focused on the three Cs (control, co-ordination and co-operation). Using the three 3Cs we learnt how to hold a rugby, move with a rugby ball and began to pass the ball. Next week we will continue to work on using the three 3Cs to develop our passing ability.

We also began our new History unit this week, the Vikings. We looked at what we already knew about the Vikings and what we would like to know about these vicious invaders. Next week we will learning about Viking long boats and how the Vikings used them.