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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Head of School: Miss Kate Fiddler

Week 1 - W/E 21st April

There has been a buzz of excitement in the air since our return to school. We are preparing for Gaveston Hall and are excited to be back at school!


In English, we have continued with our unit on Poetry and have been learning a number of strategies to memorise a poem. After watching Michael Rosen performing Chocolate Cake, we have a good understanding of what makes a captivating performance! We used pictures and notes to help us to memorise our poem and we even put actions to our poems. On Friday, we performed our poems (have a look at ‘Our Week in Pictures’ to see the videos) and gave each other support and advice.


In Maths, we have been revising addition and subtraction involving money. We looked at the place value of each digit in different amounts and revised how to add and subtract using both mental methods and written methods. We used the inverse operation to check our answers each time. We applied our knowledge to word problems and used RUCSAC to help us to solve them.


In Geography, we have been learning what it means to be a ‘Global Caretaker’. We learnt about the gases in the atmosphere and the ozone layer. We used ipads to research and answer questions about non – renewable sources of energy and had lengthy discussions about the world we live in and what will happen if we continue to use non – renewable sources of energy. We discussed renewable sources of energy and are getting a good understanding of the need to look after the world we live in. Next week, we will talk about the effects of global warming.


Next week we will be completing a number of activities to get us ready for Gaveston Hall.