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Week 10 - 14th November

This week in English, we have continued to work on Greek Myths. We focused on different elements of our own writing including describing characters; writing in first and third person and writing speech. We started by writing a ‘Wanted’ poster for Medusa. We needed to describe her accurately so that she could be easily spotted and captured! Later in the week, we wrote speech, in speech bubbles, for different characters in the Perseus and Medusa myth. We then had to convert it into correctly punctuated speech that would be found in a written version of the myth. It was quite tricky putting all the punctuation in the right places but we’re getting the hang of it! Next week we are continuing our work on myths and writing our own!


Our Maths work this week has been on direction and angles. We began the week by revising the 8 main compass points and checking that we knew the difference between clockwise and anticlockwise (some of us are still a little confused!). In our angle work, we identified and ordered acute, right and obtuse angles. We also found out what a reflex angle was. We then used our knowledge to identify regular and irregular 2d shapes and coloured in the three types of angles in different colours. At the end of the week we investigated different types of triangles. Next week, we will be revising our work on 2d shapes and discovering how to find the perimeter of a rectangle.


At the end of the month, some children will be chosen to take part in a speed stacking competition. We had great fun learning how to speed stack although it was quite difficult! If we continue to practice, it will help us to develop our hand - eye coordination, ambidexterity (being capable with both of our hands) and speed and concentration.