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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C Holliman

Week 10 - 14th November


Maths this week had us sharing chocolate, for a very good reason though. Questions were posed; which table would you choose, the table with 2 bars, 3,4?   Then when choices were made, we asked; what fraction of chocolate would each person get? Lots of working out took place and then we turned our minds to equivalent fractions shown in many ways. This practical activity went down really well with lots of mathematical language being used. Fractions continue next week.


English was a big focus on grammar this week. The children worked hard exploring and then using their own ideas to demonstrate a range of clauses and phrases to add extra detail to a sentence. They also looked at the difference of the active and passive voice.


We had a visit from the Samaritans on Monday. They helped the children to explore feelings, our own, and others. We talked about how we are all different and that we do not all think in the same way. It was pointed out, that what was right for one person might not be right for another. The children then looked at a range of possible, young person’s, scenarios and explored how the person might feel, think, or what they might say or not say. How body language and attitude can be revealing and how a friend or a trustworthy adult could help. A very thought provoking workshop that our class embraced and rose to all the challenges presented to them.


Science saw the children using ‘pooters’ to collect insects. They carefully looked at them and made drawings and recordings before returning them to their homes. Needless to say they loved this hands-on experience.


Our Library is back to good order and the children spent a wonderful, quiet time looking through books and making their choices. It was a joy to see the children engrossed in reading for pleasure.