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Week 10 - 14th November

Another week has flown by. As Christmas adverts have begun creeping onto our TVs, we have put those thoughts aside and continued our learning.


In English we continued, to use Esio Trot as our stimulus to write dialogues in different ways. This week, we have looked at using interrupted speech and adverbial clauses to add detail to our dialogue. We have been thinking about how we can engage the reader with interesting conversations and how we imply things to the reader without being explicit. We finished the week by looking at passive voice and how we can use this in our writing.


Next week, we will be writing our own short stories using a cartoon, set to a song, as our stimulus.

In Maths, we turned our attention to fractions. We started by discussing what a fraction is and investigated equivalent fractions. We explored how we could divide chocolate bars amongst the class so each member of the class received the same fraction of a bar of chocolate. Following our chocolate investigation, we looked at how we can simplify fractions to their lowest form. We finished the week by looking at ordering and comparing fractions, using common denominators to assist us.


Next week, we will be looking at using the four operations to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions.


In PE, we continued to develop our skills in curling. We used a number of activities to develop our accuracy and power, and focused particularly on our throwing technique.


Geography involved us learning about the capitals of European countries and investigating different facts about the world, for example the longest mountain range and the deepest lake. We then thought about the games we would like to create, began to research them and thought about the information we need to include in our games.


At the beginning of the week, we took part in a workshop run by the Samaritans. The focus of the workshop was to think about our feelings and the way we listen to others. The workshop was very interesting and we found it useful to think about different ways to help and support each other.