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Week 10 - 14th November

This week, we have continued to use Gorilla by Anthony Browne to inspire us as authors. First, we imagined there were pages of the story missing and being the creative class we are, we had to fill in the gaps. In the pages we added, we had everything from gorillas distracting zookeepers to animals escaping from the zoo! Later on in the week, we wrote our own stories about animals coming to life and all the places our characters would go with them, from Pizza Express to a Watford football match.  


In Maths, we have been focusing on the number system and place value. It has been great to hear Maths conversations inside the classroom as well as outside, about what we know about numbers. These conversations are really deepening our understanding and we are becoming more secure with our knowledge of number.


In our afternoons, we have been researching a range of British artists and learning about their work, inspiration for their work and their lives. We have been using them as inspiration for our own art work, which we have really been enjoying creating.


Next week, we will continue the art theme with making Christmas decorations. This will link to our English unit, instructional writing, as we will be following and creating instructions as to how to make these, so you can enjoy at home also!