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Week 10 - 27th June

It's been another really busy week in B3. This week we have been rehearsing for our class assembly. The children chose the topics they wanted to talk about and wrote the script themselves. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch, we hope you enjoyed it.


In maths this week we have been learning a written method for division. We haven't had time to make our own video to show you our method, but here's a link to video that explains it well.


In English we have been looking at news reports and what special features they have. We began by thinking of interview question and carried out our own interviews of witnesses. Then we discussed the use of quotes and wrote or own quotes using inverted commas. Then we looked at lots of newspapers and made a list together as a class. Next week we'll use this list as a guide to help us write our own reports.


We also used our knowledge of news reporting to make informative videos about the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.


Our spellings for this week are: completely, piece, comically, tunnel, tearful, observation, antisocial, anticlockwise, antifreeze, antibiotic, antiseptic, anticlimax



Next week:

In English we will be writing newspaper reports linked to our book, 'The Moon Man'. If you get a newspaper at home find some suitable articles to share with your child.

In Maths we'll be solving problems linked to measurements, in particular liquid measurements. If you get a chance look around your house for things that have measurements in ml and l.

In Science we'll be  experimenting with reflections.




Can you solve Corin's number problem? 


My  number is even. It has consecutive numbers. All digits add up to 15.