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Week 10

This week in English, we have started a new unit of writing on Explanation texts. We started by watching Wallace and Grommet’s Cracking Contraptions. Following that we studied a selection of explanation texts in order to find the structural and language features. We looked at some pictures of simple contraptions and had to use our explanatory voice to explain how they worked. We found it quite difficult to do as you need to include detailed descriptions of each stage and how it links to what comes next. At the end of the week, we worked with a partner to plan and design our own contraption. Next week we will be using the features of explanation texts to write about our contraptions.


In Maths, we have been investigating how to carry out division problems using apparatus. We have carried out practical investigations and used number lines to record our work. We have discovered that if we know our times tables, division is much easier! Next week we will be starting on Time.


On Wednesday we had a sporting Competition Afternoon with Mr Lazzara. We split into our house teams and competed in games of basketball. 


On Friday morning we had our second ‘Y4 at Home’ session. We shared the practical and written methods we had been using to solve multiplication calculations. We used counters to make arrays and Cuisenaire rods to make bar models. These were converted into pictorial representations. The next stage was using grid multiplication. Thank you to all the parents who attended.


On Friday afternoon all of Year 4 worked together as we started our Art and D&T unit on sewing. We found out some information and new vocabulary linked to the topic and then, with the help of some parent volunteers (Thank you!), we learned how to:

  • thread a needle
  • cut thread to a useable length
  • start and finish off by over-sewing to secure the thread
  • sew running stitch

Some of us had sewn before but a lot of us found it really difficult. We will have to be patient and persevere in order to master some of the skills.

Home Learning - Sewing

Home Learning - Sewing  1
Home Learning - Sewing  2

Home Learning - Roman Buildings

Home Learning - Mosaics

Competition Afternoon With Mr Lazarra

Competition Afternoon With Mr Lazarra  1
Competition Afternoon With Mr Lazarra  2
Competition Afternoon With Mr Lazarra  3
Competition Afternoon With Mr Lazarra  4
Competition Afternoon With Mr Lazarra  5
Competition Afternoon With Mr Lazarra  6
Competition Afternoon With Mr Lazarra  7