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Week 11 - 20th March

What a very BUSY week! From poetry day to RED NOSE DAY it has been full on!


Poetry day saw Year Six looking at and comparing World War One poetry. This was not only challenging, but also raised emotions and many questions by the children. As always they astound me with their deep reaching and honest questions. I think, many of my class should definitely become MP’s of the future as their empathy and understanding of a time, so many years past does them great credit. Do please look at some of the poetry they have written, in our pictures page, which will all eventually go into a Year Six Poetry book.


The children have been putting to good purpose the World War One research from home and at school, which will culminate in a front page of a newspaper. They have planned their stories and are almost ready to become WW1 journalists.


History and Computing has seen the children using WW1 facts in a spider diagram, using an APP named Popplet lite. The children have created a timeline with facts to great effect.

Maths has seen the reoccurrence of division and how to tackle calculations efficiently. The children have been practising chunking method and short and long division. Problem solving has also been a priority putting into practice and applying division methods. Next week sees the children focus on problem solving using all four operations.


RED NOSE DAY saw us all having a LAUGH! As balloons were passed from one to another, in often hilarious ways, there was a huge grin on everyone’s face. Although we had great fun, the REAL importance of RAISING MONEY for others was not lost. We as a year group, came together to see just how the money our school has raised will be put to use. It was a sobering moment but gave gravitas to the day. This helps us, as a school, to not only think about British values but also to be a part of a movement to support and show our care for others. Well done everyone for a great week!