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Week 11 - 20th March

Wow! What another busy week it has been! We became poets on World Poetry Day, measured the perimeter of the school grounds in Maths and passed balloons between our legs on Red Nose Day!


In English, we finished reading 'Journey to Jo'Burg'. We shared our views and opinions about the story and discussed what the story had taught us about life in South Africa during the apartheid. During this discussion, it really made us think about how lucky we are with our own lives and how we shouldn't take things for granted. Towards the end of the week, we wrote letters in the role of Naledi, thanking her mother's friend, Grace, for her help and support in Jo'Burg. Using the features of informal letter writing, we wrote about events in the story and thought carefully about how a child would feel having just had their first experience of a large 'white' city.


On Tuesday it was World Poetry Day. The focus of the day was 'Spoken Word Poetry', which is a style of performance art relying on heavy use of rhythm, improvisation, word play and slang. We started the day exploring a variety of poems that were all based on important themes such as bullying, racism and stereotypes. As the day progressed, we started writing our own poems from the perspective of a black child during the apartheid. At the end of the day, some of us performed our poems in a special assembly and made sure to 'make-a-point' whilst reading the poems.


In Maths, we concluded our work on angles and began to explore perimeter. In order to develop our understanding of perimeter, we completed a variety of practical activities around the school grounds and record our findings as labelled diagrams. We were split into groups, with each group being asked to find the perimeter of different places/rooms in the school. Locations included the dining room, playground and lower and upper school corridors. On Friday, we used our newly acquired knowledge to calculate the perimeter of composite rectangles. Before completing our calculations, we had to use our knowledge of properties of shapes to find the missing lengths of sides. Next week, we will be developing our understanding of area.


Thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm and donations on Red Nose Day. We all had a lot of fun with the balloon challenge and have played our part in raising money for such a great cause.