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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C Holliman

Week 11 - 21st November

PE this week had the children practising curling skills. They practised creating a block to protect a team’s stones and worked hard on aiming for different lengths. Most of them achieved well and can now control and aim their stone. All made significant improvements in their skills. We are looking forward to having team games as a class and across the year group.


Maths has seen adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. The children have been sharing their tips for success and have worked hard. This Maths has certainly challenged them and has built up their resilience to stay on task, understand and achieve.


We began with a short video and a song this week in English. Our work is building up a wide range of story writing skills. Our aim is to be able to identify and use skills to create a story that is gripping for a reader and uses the qualities of well-known and successful authors.

I am so looking forward to reading many wonderful stories next week.


Our children are extremely excited about their geography project, making a game that showcases geographical knowledge and skills. So far, the children have designed their game boards and have made question cards or images, various designs of counters, and in some cases made money! All are fully committed to finishing their games to a very high standard and, of course, to playing them. What could be better, playing a fun and engaging game whilst learning and being tested on knowledge of the world!


The fire brigade came in to share a very important message with our children this week. They explained how essential it is for children, and adults, to know what to do in an emergency. Each child learnt how to check to see if a person is breathing and then what to do if they are not.


Shake and shout to see if they are awake

Open airway by tilting head back

Clear mouth of anything

Shout for help and ensure someone calls 999

Then proceed with CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) 30 compressions and then 2 breaths – continue until medical help arrives


A valuable message given, which was well received by the children. The firefighters were impressed by their enthusiasm and seriousness of the task, commenting that they did better than many adults. 


A very well done to children who have taken part in Hockey and Table tennis tournaments this week. You all achieved well and we are proud of you.