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Week 11 - 21st November

Another action packed week for B6 this week, with a visit from the fire service, a trip to the library, an inter-school hockey tournament and our normal lessons.


Tuesday saw 30 children across both Year 6 classes take part in an inter school hockey tournament. Mr Lazzara accompanied the children to the tournament and was very impressed with the children’s efforts and sportsmanship throughout the competition. Look at our ‘Week in Pictures’ to see some photos from the event.


In English this week, we started writing our own short stories, which are based on an animated video ‘Sometimes the Stars’. The video, and our stories, are about a girl who boards a tram/train and her journey to the end of the line. We started the week by asking questions about the video to help us create our own ideas about the story. Our questions focused on where she was going, why she looked so sad and why she had a star. Having watched the video, and created our own ideas about the story, we looked at what we need to include in our stories to engage the reader and how to portray emotion. We discussed how to include: adverbials, similes, metaphors, personification and expanded noun phrases. We finished the week by writing our opening paragraph to the story.

Next week, we will continue our short stories with a focus on adding further detail to our writing.


This week in Maths, we have continued our work on fractions. We have applied our understanding of written methods for the four operations when solving calculations involving both proper and improper fractions. Next week, we will focus on real-life fraction problems and develop our mental strategies.


In Geography, we continued to work on our geographical games. We developed our plans, making sure they were clear and easy to explain. We designed our boards and began to research the questions and answers needed for our games. Over the next few weeks, we will be generating rules for the game and also designing packaging.