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Week 11 - 3rd July

It's been another really busy week in B3. This week we have been learning about perimeters in Maths, and finding out how to find the perimeter of different shapes. Can you find the perimeter of this shape?



In English this week we wrote up our news report about the Moon Man landing on Earth. We then spent time editing and improving our writing and looking at each others work. 


In History we found out about the history of space travel and put the key events into a timeline. We then researched one of the events in detail.


In Science we learnt about reflective materials and tested different materials to see which was the most reflective. We used our result to help us design reflective book bags.


The lost property box is overflowing with jumpers and PE kit, please make time in the next week or two to check it. Some of the clothes look new.


Our spellings for this week are: superglue, superhero, superhuman, superwomen, super market, mathematician, superman, supersize, knight, shouldn't, generous




Next week:

In English we will be learning about myths and legends based on the moon. We will have a go writing our own and will then learn about the moon cycle.

In Maths we'll be solving problems linked to measurements, in particular liquid measurements. If you get a chance look around your house for things that have measurements in ml and l. Please send in empty bottles of varying sizes.

In Science we'll be learning about reflection, colour and sun safety.