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Week 11

What an exciting week it has been! World Poetry Day was a huge hit as was Red Nose Day and despite the weather’s ever-changing mood, we have all had a wonderful week.


In English, we have been writing our own explanation texts. Using Wallace and Gromit as a stimulus for our own Cracking Contraptions, we designed them in pairs last week and have been explaining them to each other to get us ready to write about them. We started with our introductions, explaining what our inventions do and why they were so useful. Then, we moved on to our written explanations of how they worked. This was difficult because we had to make sure they made sense, included time connectives, powerful verbs, interesting adjectives and were in chronological order. Have a look at some of our inventions below.


In Maths, we have been learning about time. We started by reading and showing the time in analogue form and then in digital form. We have been looking at what the hour and minute hand do, how many minutes are in an hour, how to show o’clock, half past, quarter to and past and also looking at 5 minute intervals. Throughout our day, we are constantly referring to our own analogue clock (and sometimes our digital one too) to read the time, and are getting much better at it. Please help your child at home by doing the same. We will move on to reading and understanding the time in 24-hour form.


In our Art and DT lessons, we have been sewing! Whilst it has been a challenging topic, we are persevering and improving every day. We have learnt how to overstitch to secure our thread, use the running stitch, back stitch and also the over-sewing technique. We have learnt couching to secure ribbon or wool on to a piece of material and applique to secure material without it fraying. We can’t wait to show you our finished pieces so look out for those on the website next week!


World Poetry Day was on Wednesday 21st March. All classes spent the morning learning about poetic techniques, practising using them and then applying them to their own poems. Our focus was on Spoken Word Poetry as a way of conveying a powerful message. We used the Nationwide adverts as well as some Spoken Word Poems performed by children as our inspiration. The poems produced were fantastic and our assembly at the end of the day proved what an inspirational day it had been. We heard poems about family, the environment, apartheid, World War 2 and much more! We will be recording our poems and putting them on the website soon so please look out for these! We have also encouraged children to write their own poetry at home and share it in class if they wish to.


Red Nose Day was on Friday 25th March. We took part in a sponsored balloon race where we weren’t allowed to use our hands to pass the balloon!