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Week 12 - 10th July

Another busy week in B3 and can’t believe it’s almost the end of the school year. This week in English we have been reading myths about the changing moon, and then writing our own myths to explain why the moon changes shape. After writing our own myths we then turned them into comics. Thank you to Corin for bringing in her copy of the Beano to show us, it really helped to give us some ideas of how to set out our own comics.


In Maths this week we have been learning about capacity and how to read scales in litres and millilitres using different intervals. When then used our new knowledge to help us solve capacity word problems.


In science we have been investigating light and testing materials. We learnt the terms opaque, translucent and transparent, and investigated which materials would make the best curtains. We also explored reflections and wrote coded messages that could be read when reflected in the mirror.

In Art we have been looking at Pop Art and created of own pictures, which also inspired the artwork on our comics.


There is still loads of hats, jumpers, cardigans and PE kits in the lost property box. Please spend 5 minutes searching through to see if any of it belongs to your child.


Next week:

We are reviewing our learning for the year by looking back at our work from previous years. If you have your child’s old school books at home, please send in one old Maths book and one old English book. We’ll return them to you bore the end of the week. Please also ensure your child has a carrier bag in their book bag every day, so that we can send home all of their belongings.

We’ll need PE kit next week, so please make sure your child has their PE kit in school, and on sunny days make sure they have a hat and sun cream.