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Week 12 - 10th July

Hello M3!


This is almost the end of the year! We have been working so hard that we are already seeing the results of all our learning!

In English we have been working on myths about the Moon, as related to the Moon Man book that we have read during this term. First we did a mind map to collect ideas, then we wrote a story about how we think the Moon changes its phases, and finally we have made a comic with illustrations. 


In Maths we have been studying capacity. We learned about millilitres and litres, and we know that one litre holds 1000 millilitres.


In Science, we have been working on light and dark. We learned about reflective materials, which are the materials that don't create light, but light bounces on their surface. We designed a book bag like that one we use at BM, and we added the reflective strips to make it safer. We also learned about opaque, translucent and transparent materials. 


Next week is last week! Are you ready for the summer holidays!

Have a nice weekend!