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Week 12 - 27th March

We have made it! What a busy and action-packed term we have had!


This week in English, we concluded our work on the apartheid. We spent the week learning about life in South Africa since the apartheid and the impact that Nelson Mandela had as president. At the start of the week, we explored the positive and negative changes that have occurred with the education system and employment. We were shocked to learn that the unemployment rate for black South Africans has increased from 23% in 1991 to 48% in 2002. However, we were pleased that the government were spending more money on schools and that education had been made accessible for all people, regardless of their skin colour. In order to consolidate our understanding of the apartheid, and also consider how Nelson Mandela used sport to unite a nation, we finished the unit watching extracts from the film 'Invictus' by Clint Eastwood. The children have been incredibly respectful throughout the whole unit and I hope that they have enjoyed learning about such an important historical event. After Easter, we will be starting a new unit on Traditional Tales.


In Maths, we concluded our current unit on shape. We developed our understanding of area and perimeter and discussed these mathematical concepts in real-life contexts. Throughout the week, we were set a variety of investigative activities, which involved us considering the relationship between area and perimeter, and also, how to calculate the length of missing sides. After Easter, we will be exploring multiplication and division mental and written methods.


As this week was the last week of term, we have participated in lots of fun extra-curricular activities. These have included an exciting Easter egg hunt and our half-term celebration afternoon. The children have worked incredibly hard all term, so  I hope they enjoyed their end of term treats.


I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter break and eats just the right amount of chocolate!