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Week 12 - 27th March

A fantastic week to end a fantastic term.


This week we have been getting to grips with column addition and subtraction. We've been focusing on exchanging when we have ten ones. Ask your children to explain how we've been doing it. We always add or subtract the ones first, then the ten and hundreds. Have a look at the photos to see how we do it.


In English, we wrote our own newspaper articles linked to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children did a great job of including the 5 W's; who, what, when, where, why. This half term we have talked a lot about sentence structure, in particular subordinate clauses. A subordinate clause is a  clause that doesn't make sense on it's on and is dependent on a main clause. The subordinate clause in this sentence is underlined.


While the teachers were drinking tea, the children wrote newspaper reports.


We've set the children the challenge of finding sentences with subordinate clauses in their reading books. When they've found one they can copy it out and bring it in to school so we can collect lots of examples.


In Art this week, we made the most of the lovely sun shine and sketched the daffodils that are growing around school. The children's observational drawings are really improving.


To celebrate the children's hard work and fabulous learning this half term, we chose to have a class celebration at Bushey and Oxhey Infants. We all relived our youth by getting lots of toys out and spending an afternoon at in the Reception garden. We had a fantastic time playing football, drawing, running and playing on the bikes and scooters. It was also great to see so many siblings.


Next half term we will be learning about plants in Science, Islam in RE, and rain forests in Geography.


Have a fantastic Easter break everyone.