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Week 12 - 28th November

As we reach December, I am wondering where this term has gone! The weeks have flown by!


This week in English, we continued to work on our short stories. We looked at how we could build suspense, using a range of complex, compound and simple sentences. We discussed internal dialogue and how and why we would use it in a story. Finally, we studied the video, thinking about how we could alter the story, e.g. the setting or the characters to make the story our own. We then planned our own versions of the story.


Next week, we will write and edit our own short stories. Make sure you read the website next week for some extracts from our work.


In Maths this week, we showed our understanding of fractions by completing a Tarsia puzzle. In order to complete the puzzle, we had to solve questions about fractions and then pair the question with its correct answer. Whilst this proved a tough challenge, we managed to conquer the puzzles and many of the children found the work rewarding. In preparation for sitting last year’s SATs papers during Assessment Week, we discussed different strategies and approaches for solving calculations and problems.


Next week, we will complete last year’s SATS papers and begin our Christmas Maths problem.

In Science this week, we have continued our work on Evolution and Inheritance. We discussed how animals must be adapted to a specific environment in order to survive. Each of us chose an environment and a living thing to research in order to explore the different adaptations in nature. We were really intrigued to find out that the black on the back of the penguin absorbs heat! In order to illustrate the concept of evolution, we then played a game involving a range of different pegs and tweezers to represent the beaks of birds. In the first round, we had to collect as many seeds as possible in a set amount of time. After this round, some beaks were not sufficiently adapted which meant some of us had not survived long enough to have offspring inheriting the same features. It was great fun trying to survive natural selection and some of us found innovative ways to adapt the use of the pegs in order to feed off as many seeds as possible!


As Christmas approaches, the time has come to make the annual Christmas decoration for ‘the hoops’. This year we made Christmas trees and snowmen. The children had to draw around a template of the Christmas tree or snowman, cut out the design, decorate the design with glitter (which has a habit of finding its way to the floor) and then fold and glue our designs to complete the decoration. Have a look at our Week in Pictures section to see some of the designs. Don’t worry parents they will be coming home to you on the last day so they can take pride of place on your Christmas trees at home!