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Week 12 - 28th November

We are in the count down to Christmas!


There really is no better place to be, than in a school, at Christmas time. The excitement begins to flow as children learn Christmas songs and carols, make and prepare decorations and holiday traditions and hopes are shared throughout the school.


M6 classroom will take on its mantle of Christmas as the children get busy, transforming it into a warm, exciting and magical place to be...well lets hope so! I don't know who gets more excited, me as their teacher, or the children! (Definitely a close run thing!)


We began making our Maths Christmas Tree, this week. Each school day a maths problem is revealed and (hopefully) solved. With the successful children receiving a small reward. The children had great fun making up the maths problems which had to be based on the Nativity. It is truly amazing just how much maths they could think of, for example, fractions, money, weight, algebraic equations and much more!


Religious education this week had us looking at the religious and secular aspects of this holiday season. It made us all think of how traditions have been created, sometimes on the back of a religious celebrations or just simply passed down through families. It also raised lots of questions about why and how we celebrate Christmas, or not. We finally asked ourselves the question, What does Christmas mean to YOU? Answers were many and varied, but mostly full of enjoyment of family and friends and the chance to get together. Certainly, all of the children look forward to having family time.


English saw the final draw to a close of a exploring a short clip based on the song 'Sometimes the stars'. This melancholy, black and white film made the children think and question many feelings of their own, and of others. Next week the children will write their own version, using techniques of language, and style to create a moving and suspense filled story.  I cant wait to read them.


Library day - Friday saw our class walking up to Bushey library. The children took great interest in learning how they could access books and music online, as well as actually borrowing items off the library shelves. They, as always, were well behaved and expressed their enthusiasm by asking relevant questions of the staff, and by showing a wide interest in fiction and non-fiction texts.A super, informative and pleasurable morning was spent in the library, so a big thank you to the staff members who admirably helped and supported us all.