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Week 12 - 2nd December

This week in English, we have started reading and exploring the beautiful picture book ‘Leon and The Place Between’ by Grahame Baker-Smith. We began by looking at the first picture and writing our own opening paragraph without hearing any of the story first. We followed this by brainstorming ideas about how characters might feel, and what they might see, as they were waiting for the show to start. We then turned these ideas into list poems. We finished the week by hearing the whole story and answering questions about the text. We talked about the fact that the answer might not always be obvious and that you have to look for ‘hidden’ clues. This is called inference. Next week we will continue our work based on ‘Leon and The Place Between’ focusing on diary writing.


In Maths, we have started a unit of work on statistics. We looked at a range of charts, tables and graphs to see what information we could find. We then focused on reading information from bar charts and discussed the features they have that help us work out how to interpret the data shown. We then collected data, based on a question we had thought up, in a tally chart and presented it as a bar chart. We found out that you have to present your work carefully and accurately. Next week we will be continuing by looking at pictograms and line graphs.


M4 have begun writing the script and practising for our assembly next Friday and can’t wait to share our learning with everyone! We will be working hard to project our voices, remember our lines and speak clearly.


Wednesday saw half of the class going up to Queens’ School for a speed stacking competition. Pupils who took part did well and the team came fourth. The children who remained at school started off our Christmas activities. They carried out some painting in preparation for our Christmas hoops, which are hung up in the dining hall, and then created a shape collage of a star/snowflake design using shades of blue, purple and silver paper.


When everyone comes into school on Monday they will see a big change, especially in the dining hall, as Christmas has arrived at Bushey Manor. If you pop in, look out for our Year 4 hoops; they’ve got snowmen on! The Christmas post box is out so children can post cards to each other. Make sure that all cards have the full name and class of the recipient. The countdown has begun!

Christmas has arrived!

Christmas has arrived! 1