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Week 12

What an exciting and busy final week of term it has been! Not only have we been finishing off work but we also had the added ‘eggcitement’ of all our Easter events too.


In English, we started on our poetry unit by looking at narrative poems. We watched a range of spoken word poems online including ones by the poets Michael Rosen and Benjamin Zephaniah, as well as ones recited by school children (see links below). We then studied a selection of poems and chose our favourite one. After that, we had to find the features and annotate our chosen poem before starting to learn all or part of it. We will be carrying on with this unit of work after the Easter break.


In Maths, we continued with our work on time and also completed some problem solving activities. We found out a little more about how 24-hour clock times are written and how to work out intervals of time. We investigated a number of maths problems including such statements as ‘When you add two odd numbers together the answer is always even’ and has to decide if they were true or false. However, we found out that maths problems do not always have right or wrong answers. They can also be true or false some of the time. We realised that you have to think carefully about how the question/statement is worded. A lot of us were tricked by this statement: ‘When you count on in 2s, the numbers are always even’. What do you think?


In Art and D&T we continued with our sewing. We used the stitches and techniques we had learned to attach the initial letter of our names onto a square of fabric and then decorated it. Although we only had a short amount of time, everyone’s sewing skills improved! We have learnt overstitching, running stitch, back stitch and over-sewing; also applique, couching and how to attach buttons, beads and sequins. Thank you to all the parents/grandparents who came in to help us. We couldn't have done it without you!


The week was rounded off with the traditional Bushey Manor Easter Egg (Counter) Hunt. Small plastic counters are spread all over the school playground and the children have to find 10 which they then trade for 5 mini eggs. There is a different counter requirement for each year group. In Year 4, we have to find 2 each of 5 different colours. Year 4 were all successful, which is proof that children can find things if they want them enough!! Have a lovely Easter break and we will see you back at school after the holiday.


Michael Rosen – Chocolate Cake

Michael Rosen – No Breathing in Class

Benjamin Zephaniah – I Love my Mother