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Week 13 - 5th December

As another action packed week draws to a close, I find myself wondering how we find the time to fit it all in!


The week started with Science. We carried out our own investigation to explore the adaptation of beaks to a food source. We planned a fair test to find out which beak was best adapted to a particular food source or to find out which food source was beast for a particular beak. It was interesting to discuss what made a test fair and how we could ensure as scientists that our results would be reliable. We carried out our test using our pegs and a timer which made most of us get really competitive to catch as many beans as possible! Our results were then recorded and presented as a bar graph to make our results more legible. It was interesting to see how each team chose different variables and carried out their tests in different ways while still ensuring they were fair. In our conclusions, we noticed that each group had very different conclusions, which led us to question the reliability of our results. We suggested further tests involving real birds, bird food and robots imitating the motion of birds when eating. Walking in the footsteps of Darwin was a really interesting experience for us all!


On Monday afternoon, we took part in a badminton coaching session, led by Mr Frith (yes, it is Miss Frith’s dad!). During the session, the children learnt about controlling the shuttlecock, the different shots they can use and some of the players Mr Frith has worked with across the world. The session was a great opportunity for us to either learn a new sport or hone our skills under the watchful eye of a very experienced coach. I would like the thank Mr Frith for giving up his time to come and work with us.


Wednesday morning saw us take our annual trip to the pantomime, Beauty and the Beast. As always the performance was fantastic. Unforgettable performances from ‘Betty Bon-Bon’, the sweet seller, many of whose jokes floated well above the children’s heads, and Charles the Cupid, who made this one of the best we have seen. Noah Lazenby was given his 15 minutes of fame as he was selected to perform a dance and song at the end of the panto, which rounded off our trip nicely. The children’s behaviour was impeccable and as always they can be incredibly proud of themselves.


This week has been Assessment Week. We have spent the week sitting the SATs papers from last year. It has been a useful experience for the children, preparing them for what a SATS paper will look like and also the time constraints that will be on them. The children stepped up to the challenge and took everything we put in front of them in their stride.


Next week in English, we will be looking at a Christmas poem and writing our own versions of the poem. In Maths, we will be completing challenges and problems with a Christmas theme.