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Week 13 - 5th December

It has been an eventful week, with lots of exciting activities and events in our build up to Christmas.


On Monday, we had badminton lessons with professional badminton coach, George Frith, which we really enjoyed. As it is Miss Frith’s father, everyone was excited to meet him! We learnt about hand-eye coordination, how to serve and how to rally as well as watching a few trick shots from George!


In Maths, we have continued our work on Statistics, looking at pictograms and reading information from them. We recreated a pictogram and had to think carefully about the scale in order to read information from it. We will continue our work on Statistics next week.


In English, we have been writing diaries based on Leon’s adventures in the Place Between. We will continue our work on diary writing next week, looking at a Christmas text (Jesus’ Christmas Party) and writing diaries from the innkeeper’s point of view.


In Art, we have continued working on our Journeys, adding sand and cotton wool to add texture to our picture and using tissue paper to collage different parts of the journey. We can’t wait until it’s completed and we can share our work on this website. 


On Wednesday, we walked to Watford Palace Theatre and enjoyed the Pantomime; Beauty and the Beast. It was a brisk walk but it was definitely worth the wait! The show was funny, sad and even scary at times but overall it was very entertaining.


This week, we have been working hard on our assessments, completing them and then going through them as a class to see how we can improve and what we need to practise next term. Our writing targets are working well and we are working hard to ensure we meet our targets in our writing across the curriculum.


This week in PE, we have enjoyed learning how to shoot a ball in basketball. We started with some hoops on the floor, scoring points if we got it in the hoop, and then moved on to the standing net in the playground where a few of us managed to shoot the ball into the basket! We are focussing on being supportive and working well as a team.


The next few weeks will be full of exciting Christmas activities so keep checking the website for pictures and information about what we are up to!