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Week 14 - 12th December

Well what an incredible term it has been. I can hardly believe we only have three days left. Whoever coined the phrase 'time flies' must surely have worked in a school!


We have definitely had the Christmas feeling this week! In maths we began by looking at maths, relating to 'The twelve days of Christmas' and fractions. The children were busy working out the fraction of which gifts were delivered when, such as the fraction of birds in the song, farm animals and so much more. We then followed this with planning a Christmas party for a family of six. The budget was set at £75 and the family gave their requests for food. It has to be said they were very fussy eaters. Traditional turkey dinner was the order of the day but additional meat and the many different vegetable choices made budgeting a real challenge. All good for future diplomacy and budgeting in real life.


The children's geography games were finalised this week and most of them had a chance to play each other’s games, which they enjoyed enormously. They then evaluated them, as did the additional players, giving comments on geography content and enjoyment of the games. I am so proud of the children's ingenuity and perseverance in designing, making and evaluating their games. They truly are wonderful and have been much admired by several teachers and adults throughout the school.


In English this week we looked at the famous poem, ‘Twas the night before Christmas, by American, Clement Clarke Moore. This poem has a fascinating history, originally written for Moore’s children and then sent off to a newspaper by a family friend. This poem is the reason we have a ‘round, jolly man dressed in red with snowy white whiskers’ as Santa! The children were fascinated by the fact, something so simple as a family poem has had such impact on the world.


PE this week saw M6 at their best, in competition with each other. We finished off our curling lessons with a curling extravaganza. Teams played against each other and winning teams had a play off. Finally, we then, in a timed session, had ten minutes to score the highest score to be declared overall winners. Great fun!