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Week 14 - 12th December

Three school days to go but who’s counting ;)!


This week our Maths took on a Christmas theme. We started the week by designing and creating our own tangrams. We did this by measuring and drawing lines on to squares of card and then cutting out the different shapes (triangles and quadrilaterals). We then used these different shapes to create various different Christmas themed shapes, such as turkeys, candles and reindeer. This activity was designed to exercise our ability to problem solve and manipulate shapes. Following our lessons on tangrams, we turned our attention to planning a Christmas dinner for 6 people. We had a set price of £75 and had to follow a set of criteria for our party, such as portion size, types of food and timings. After this activity, I think many of the children now have a greater appreciation of all the effort that goes into preparing Christmas dinner!


In English we started to look at the poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas’. We read the poem, discussed the language used and discussed when the poem was written and who the poem was might have been written for. Next week, we will be comparing different versions of the poem.


On Monday afternoon auditions for the Christmas talent show took place. Mrs Jardella and I were impressed by the effort and practise that the children had put into their various acts. We saw talents from singing to dancing to playing musical instruments. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of their children on their bravery and talents. As always, it was an incredibly hard decision as to which acts to put through to the finals on the last day of term. We would like to congratulate Ben Smith and James, Lisa, Georgia H, Immy and Emily and our wildcard act of Kuda, Luca, Finn, David, Daisy and Gracie.


Wednesday saw us put all of our skills learnt in PE this half term into practise in a round robin class tournament. It was fantastic to see all of the children discussing and using different strategies to compete against each other. Look at our pictures this week to see the children in action.


Friday was our Christmas lunch. We would like to say a huge thank you to the kitchen staff who spent the morning preparing a fantastic feast for us all to enjoy. Our pictures this week include some photos of the children enjoying their lunch in their Christmas jumpers and t-shirts.