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Week 14 - 16th December

With the end of term drawing closer we have had another really busy week at school.


In English, following our diary writing linked to ‘Leon and the Place between’, we looked at a Christmas text (Jesus’ Christmas Party) and wrote diary entries from the innkeeper’s point of view.


In Maths, we have continued our work on Statistics, looking at and interpreting line graphs. We found this a bit of a challenge but have a clearer understanding now.


On Monday, we started our D.T. unit on Biscuits. We were each given a booklet to complete for this unit of work. We began by tasting a selection of biscuits in order to evaluate different flavours and designs. We had to complete a table commenting on the appearance and taste of each biscuit. Finally, we awarded each biscuit marks out of 10.

On Tuesday we considered health and safety issues linked with preparing food and wrote down anything we needed to remember.  We then designed our own biscuits; thinking about additional ingredients to include to add flavour as well as the decoration.

The real fun came on Wednesday; making our biscuits! All of Year 4, working in small groups, took over the dining hall. Altogether, we weighed, creamed, stirred-in, kneaded, rolled and cut. It was a bit chaotic but we had a great time.

Finally, on Thursday, we worked in small groups with Mrs Hussain and Mrs Wardell to decorate our biscuits. At the end of the day we had the opportunity to evaluate what we had made – tasting time. We were really impressed with what we had made, they were delicious! See the photos in ‘Our Week in Pictures’.


On Wednesday, we spent the morning doing PE with Mr Lazzara. We spent some time researching, designing and making sports posters before going outside and taking part in a range of activities.


Thursday afternoon saw Year 4 in the music/drama room where our Talent Show auditions took place. We had 19 entries to watch and it was really difficult to pick just 3 acts plus a wild card act.

After watching singing, dancing, comedy, gymnastics and musical acts, the finalists were chosen to represent Year 4. We will see them perform again in the Talent Show on Wednesday.


On Friday the whole school made their way to St James’ Church to practise our Carol Service. Year 4’s carol sounds wonderful! Hopefully you are able to come and hear it at one of the services on Tuesday afternoon. Finally, a very busy week was rounded off with Christmas Dinner and a DVD.


Next week, even though it’s only three days, will also be very busy.

On Monday afternoon we have our Class Celebration – a Christmas Party. We can bring our own clothes to wear in the afternoon (pupils in Fire house can wear their own clothes all day as they have the highest House Points total this half term) and bring toys and games to play with. It is the Carol Service on Tuesday afternoon and on Wednesday the Talent Show is in the morning. To finish with we will have our final assembly of 2016 and school ends at 2.00 p.m.