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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C Holliman

Week 2 - 12th June

This week in English, we became publishers, authors and illustrators! After editing and developing our legends, we began to produce our own story books. We had to think carefully about our audience and ensure that the images and content were suitable for people of all ages (nothing too gory!). We were encouraged to take time with our handwriting and present our work as neatly as possible. We will be completing the write-up of our stories next week, with the intention of reading and sharing the stories with the younger year groups. I have been really impressed with all of the children's work. They have all planned and written very interesting legends, which have been in-keeping with the Anglo-Saxon time period. Although some of the children wanted to kill off the hero(!), most of the class have used the features of this text-type very effectively.


As next week is Bushey Federation's 'Sport Week', we used our Maths lessons to think about how different areas of the curriculum link to sport, particularly Maths and Science. Using images to generate and stimulate ideas, we started the week discussing possible investigations that we could carry out during the week, for example, 'Who can throw the javelin the furthest in the class?' and 'Does the length of your legs affect how fast you can run?'. Throughout the week, we worked in groups to complete a variety of activities and thought carefully about how best to present our results and findings. Towards the end of the week, we interpreted our results and shared our work. Next week, we will be using our scientific skills to complete a Bushey Federation investigation, during which we will be analysing and exploring the idea of 'dominant eyes'! 


During our afternoon sessions, we continued to construct our Anglo-Saxon buildings. After sawing and sanding the wood, we began to glue together the frame of the buildings. Next week, we will be adding the wooden panels and will begin to think about the thatched roof.


Don't forget, Snowdonia is only one week away!