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Week 2 - 13th January

We never get bored at Bushey Manor! This new week has been full of amazing knowledge and we have learned many things! 


In English, we keep creating poems. This week, we finished working with kennings and we learned about limericks, which are 5 lines poems that can be really funny. One famous limerick is "Mary had a little lamb". Finally, we created our own poems and we displayed them on the board in the corridor. 


In Maths, we have practised multiplication and division through activities such as factor bugs and multiplication webs. What happens if you don't like insects though? Well, don't worry, because they are not real bugs. However, we had REAL WORMS in Science!


We have studied the rocks and we learned about different types of rocks and their characteristics. We tested samples of rocks and we also learned about the soil and its transformation. As an experiment, we created a wormory that we can reproduce if we want to have a compost bin at home!


Have a good weekend M3!