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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C Holliman

Week 2 - 24th April

English saw the children planning and writing their short stories about being able to fly, after watching a short video clip of a young boy discovering he had the power of flight. This gave them an opportunity to draw on their own experiences of life and to combine them with fantasy. The outcome was some spectacular short stories, from simple adventures on a beach, in a park to travelling the world.


Building up the children’s confidence to let go and have fun in writing, whilst using punctuation to enrich their work, has meant they have naturally begun to use, talk about and demonstrate the use of writing techniques to great effect.


Maths has been consolidating methods and exploring starting points in problem solving along with arithmetic tests in preparation for SATs. Again, the children amaze me with their resilient attitude to focus on tests, pushing themselves to the limit and exposing areas that they needs to focus on. This is not easy for adults let alone children but they get on with it, mark their papers, discuss where they have gone awry and resolve to themselves, to do better. You can see why I am so proud of them all.


PE continues with Fitter Future exercises followed by Yoga. Fast and furious...and relax!


PSHE has been focusing on how stress or anxiety can, and does affect us all. We have spent time in discussion, relating how, we as individuals, react to stress or worry and how different techniques to combat it can help. We have used a wide range of breathing exercises and focus work to give the children ways to help them relax. They too have shared their thoughts and ideas in a mature and sensible way helping each other to explore a topic that is known about by all yet rarely spoken about in the open. The children across the year group have made it clear to us, as teachers, that they enjoy these sessions and that they are of benefit to them. We look forward to continuing them.


We are heading our way to the week of SATs (8th-12th May) and we are, as a year group, working positively towards a goal of doing our best, showing our resilience and being proud of our efforts.


Don’t forget to book in for a week of SATs breakfast!