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Week 2 - 24th April

The following weeks in M3 we are going to learn all about the rainforest. That means all our subjects are going to be related to the rainforest, and we already know a lot of data!


In English we have been working with the Great Kapok Tree and we have been learning about doing arguments for and against deforestation. We have looked at the possitive and negative effects, and we have taken different roles to see if it is possible to change our minds and persuade others. 


In Maths we have been working with additions and subtractions, mental maths and how to find missing numbers by using the inverse method. 


In Geography, we learnt about the weather in the rainforest, and how it changes according to the country where the rainforest is. We also prepared weather forecast for different countries and we presented them. It was M3 NEWS again!


Have a nice weekend!