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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C Holliman

Week 2 - 24th April

What a fantastic week of learning we had B5! I have been especially thrilled with the commitment your have shown to your writing throughout this week, so keep up the excellent effort.


This week in Maths has seen us continuing with our unit on Multiplication and Division. We are continuing to focus on our times tables at the beginning of every Math’s lesson, as I am encouraging every child to become ‘masters’ in this area. The children are rising to the challenge, and are excited about either improving on their mark or the time in which they complete the task. Keep up the excellent effort everyone. This week has seen us explore how to multiply and divide by 5 mentally – learning new rules and methods to help us become experts in this area. Again, we have played games, challenged each other and asked lots of questions to pull apart how to confidently complete ‘tricky’ calculations in our head. It was exciting for the children to see patterns forming and to even discover their own methods, and most importantly to be able to share this knowledge with their peers.


In English, we have continued to explore the text ‘Beowulf’, which in turn allowed us to illustrate what fantastic writers we have in B5! The children planned, and subsequently created, outstanding ‘Wanted’ posters for the beast Grendel. The beast Grendel is definitely to be feared, (based on the adjectives the class used to describe him), but I am confident that because of the quality of their ‘Wanted’ posters, this hideous beast will soon be captured…I hope! They are currently writing job descriptions for a ‘Hero’ to come and save Heorot, and again based on the quality of their writing, I am confident a Hero will soon come to the rescue!


Our Anglo-Saxon theme continued in History this week, as we began to explore further where the Saxons had come from. We not only mapped the invaders movement across Europe, but began to examine why they had come to Britain. The children began to understand that Britain was seen as very weak at this time, due to a number of reasons (such as fighting the Scots and Jutes, as well as having extensive borders/coastlines to protect). We are continuing to look for further evidence of the Saxon invasion in place names along the East Coast of England.


Creativity was definitely the theme of this week, as all of Year 5 participated in the annual ‘Knex Challenge’; this year they had to produce a working bridge of their choice. To enable them to succeed, they had to demonstrate outstanding teamwork and communication skills, alongside using creative engineering techniques - all of which took place under tight time constraints, and they really didn’t fail to impress! At the end of the task, we had some amazing structures, which not only looked good but worked successfully– I think we may have some budding engineers amongst us. I was very impressed with how well they worked together, to over come some of the challenges they faced.

Another outstanding week of learning - well done B5!