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Week 2 - 24th April

Yet again, another action-packed week!


In English, we continued our unit on 'Legends' and began to think in more detail about the main characters in the story, 'Beowulf'. We began the week exploring 'Wanted Posters' with the intention of producing our own posters to try and capture the beast, Grendel. After producing a list of features for this text type, we wrote a detailed paragraph, describing the beast's appearance, personality traits and behaviour. Towards the end of the week, we continued to read the story of 'Beowulf and the Monster of the Night', and discussed possible ways that the Danish villagers could stop this beast terrorising their homeland. Writing in role as King Hrothgar, we produced job adverts for a brave and heroic warrior. We discussed the kind of person who would be best suited to slaying this beast and listed qualities of a 'hero'. All week, I have been very impressed with the children's descriptive writing, interesting ideas and ability to write in a range of styles. Keep up the good work, M5! Next week, we are going to be reading on in the story to find out who won in battle: Beowulf or Grendel!


In Maths, we explored mental methods for multiplying and dividing. Throughout the week, we shared and discussed different methods and thought a lot about the efficiency of each method. Although many children have their preferred choice of method, it was great to see so many of them trying out new methods. As the week progressed, the children began to realise just how important it was to be able to recall their times tables, and many used known facts to solve the more tricky calculations. Next week, we are going to be developing our understanding of formal written methods.


On Wednesday, we took part in the K'nex Challenge. The aim of the K’nex Challenge is to provide primary school children with an introduction to the exciting world of engineering and technology in a fun and educational way. The challenge required the children to work in pairs and develop a design solution to a problem. The children demonstrated their problem solving skills, their imagination, creativity and ingenuity as well as early project management skills. The pupils started the challenge by drawing their ideas and then built their solution, adapting their initial designs as they learnt what worked and what didn't! (


The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and produced some fabulous designs! Look at the 'Week in Pictures' next week to see the children's final constructions.


Don't forget, next week is our Learning Assembly. I hope to see you all there!