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Week 2 - 9th January

Despite the distraction of a snow blizzard, we have somehow made it through our first full week!


In English, we continued our unit on 'Mystery and Suspense Stories'. The novel Room 13 centres around a group of friends on a school trip, who stay in a creepy guest house on Whitby's West Cliff. We began the week developing our understanding of the characters in the story and used evidence in the text to describe their main personality traits. Throughout the week, we used our inference skills to determine reasons for characters' actions and also predict events that were going to occur during the rest of the book. Our favourite part of the story so far has got to be the chapter about the first night in the hotel. At the stroke of midnight strange goings-on occur in the linen cupboard...or is it a linen cupboard as the number 13 has appeared on the front of the door! (I won't give too much away in case you want to read it yourself!) On Friday, we began to write diary entries describing Fliss' (the main character) thoughts and feelings about her stay so far. We will be continuing to write these next week.


In Maths, we applied our understanding of fractions to learn about decimals. We began the week thinking about where we see decimals in real-life contexts, making reference to our recent Home Learning task. Using a variety of manipulatives, such as place value grids and dienes blocks, we were able to convert mixed numbers to decimals and vice versa. We then ordered and compared decimals and spent time describing HOW we knew that one decimal was larger than another. Next week, we will be identifying links between fractions, decimals and percentages.


In P.E., we began a new unit on 'Pilates'! Practising Pilates with children is becoming more and more popular as it has great benefits, including improving motor skills, balance, co-ordination and core strength. It teaches safe movement patterns and is a fun, positive exercise experience! This unit's theme is 'The Olympics' so the children spent their first session thinking about body positions that represent sports or celebrations from the famous sporting event. Next week, we will be using these positions to learn our first Pilates routine!