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Week 2 - 9th January 2017

Happy new year!

2017 has begun, in school, at a fast pace. Teachers are ready, children keen and committed and good to go!


Our first full week has seen M6 beginning a new book in English, Varmints, by Helen Ward & Marc Craste. The children have been slowly introduced to the story through careful building up of suspense and intrigue. Skills we need to develop and enhance, particularly in year six. Persuasive language, will also be a big focus which will lead to discussion and debate. As a teacher, I am really looking forward to the children exchanging views and forming arguments and sharing opinions through talk.


Maths had the children looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. They worked using money and measures comparing how fractions, decimals and percentages can be best and most purposely shown in different ways, according to the problem. Converting fractions in this way has clearly enabled the children to make sense of what a fraction actually means. 

Our Next topic is shape and how to measure perimeter and area of a wide range of shapes.


Our new science project this term, focuses on animals, including humans. An exciting topic comparing how our bodies work. This week we have looked at the circulatory system. The children had fun feeling their pulse and listening to heart beats...lots more next week!