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Week 2 - W/E 13th January

Week 2 of the Spring Term has been a busy one. The Christmas/New Year holiday is already a distant memory as we are back in full swing at school.


In English, we have continued our work on discussion texts; looking deeper into their structure and features. We investigated how connectives are used to link sentences and paragraphs. We also generated arguments, both for and against, zoos. A few of us already had strong opinions on whether zoos are a good thing or not. We debated the issue and then concentrated on writing the opening paragraph to our discussion text about zoos. Next week, we will continue our work, developing our arguments for and against zoos and writing our concluding paragraphs.


In Maths, we have consolidated our work on adding decimals. We revised how to carry out column subtraction and are gaining confidence in doing this. We applied the skills we had been practising to a Tarsia matching puzzle and also to one and two-step word problems; which we found a bit tricky! Next week we will continue our work on solving word problems using addition and subtraction.

In History, we have carried on with our work on The Plague. We found out what caused the plague to spread so quickly. We are really glad that we weren’t alive then!!


One of the things we did in PE this week was to practise our athletics skills. As a year group, we went outside and took part in a range of activities. These included sprinting, speed bounces, javelin, chest passes, standing long jump and vertical jump. We made sure we warmed up at the beginning and stretched out at the end.


A week of exciting lessons was made even more exciting on Friday with the addition of snow!! Sadly, there wasn’t enough to build a snowman but we’re hopeful that there may be more to come.