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Week 3 - 16th January

Another week has flown by and what a week it has been for Year 6. We’ve had an athletics competition, a house competition, our ‘At Home’ session and all of our usual lessons as well. Where do we find the time for it all?!


I would like to start my weekly update by talking about the Year 6 children who I was lucky enough to accompany to the indoor athletics competition at Queen’s School. This was a fantastic morning for the children, allowing them to showcase their sporting prowess, and their determination. The children competed in a variety of track and field events, from the dreaded six lap relay to the over under relay (my personal favourite) and speed bounce to the standing triple jump. The children took everything in their stride and supported each other throughout each event. Their hard work and effort was rewarded with the Boy’s team coming first and the Girl’s team coming a very close second. These results secured our place in the final of the Watford competition and I am sure the children will do just as well at this event.


Moving on to English. This week, we continued our work on ‘The Varmints’ by Helen Ward and Marc Craste. As this week has progressed the varmint’s life has taken a turn for the worst. His home land has been taken over by ‘the others’. ‘The others’ are a larger species of creature, who bring industry and cities to the pleasant green fields that the varmints inhabit. The varmint is ‘forced’ to move into this new city and endure the trials that come with city life. In the city, there is so much noise that no one can hear themselves think so they stop thinking. This led to us posing the question ‘Is there any hope for the varmint?’ We began preparing a debate focusing on whether the varmint should stop thinking and accept the changes as a sign of progress. The children began to think about the pros and cons and research areas to support their ideas.


We will begin next week by holding our debate and finding out the varmints fate. We will then finish the week by writing a persuasive letter.


In Maths this week, we began to look at formulae and algebra. We used formulae to find the perimeter and area of squares, rectangles and triangles. Whilst the children are familiar with the concept of finding areas and perimeters, many were not familiar with using simple formulae to help them and this provided a new and exciting challenge for them. We finished the week by looking at missing number problems involving algebra. We used the bar method to help us find the values of the missing numbers and discussed how thinking about a calculation as a balancing scale can help us to solve problems.


Next week, we will continue our investigation of algebra.