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Week 3 - 16th January

Another really busy week has just flown by...


Maths has seen the children investigating measure and shape using formulae and then moving on to algebra. The children really enjoyed trying out the bar method and scales to solve algebraic equations. We continue this next week in the form of problem solving.


English is going well with the children really getting into the book we are reading ‘Varmints’, and have produced some excellent diary entries. They are now building up arguments for debate using persuasive language. Next week the great debate takes place.


Our science project, animals including humans, has seen us working out how to take our pulse and how exercise affects the body. Mrs Morgan brought in her blood pressure kit from work, and children, who wanted to, had their blood pressure tested. This proved so popular Mrs Morgan is back again on Monday to work with any children who had not had the chance to work with her.


A big thank you to Mrs Morgan for her support, and to Mrs Lazenby who has lent us her stethoscope etc. for use in a science project.


Geography this term has taken off with a project to ‘Journey to the centre of the earth’ with the children investigating volcanoes. Two of our children, Jenisha and Theo, brought in their models of a volcano, along with the means to make them erupt! This was great fun and enjoyed by all.


Well done children, let’s see if we can get a few more models in.


Our Pop Art sessions are going well with some very innovative ideas being planned and used. The next step is to combine a range of art media, including paint, collage, wax or pastel crayons.


PE has seen year 6 go competition mad! Half of the year attended a competition held at Queens school and are now through to the next round - congratulations. Whilst in school we had house competitions which proved incredibly popular and fiercely competitive but finished in our usual supportive way - congratulating all who had taken part.