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Proud to be part of the Bushey Primary Education Federation - Executive Head Mrs C Holliman

Week 3 - 19th September

This week saw the arrival of Enterprise Week at the Bushey Primary Education Federation. Each year group was given the task of creating a product which we would then sell on Friday to raise money for Jeans for Genes.


Our first task was to choose an appropriate product that we knew we would be able to sell for a profit to the rest of the school. As a year group, we decided that making healthy flapjacks and muffins was a good option and we carried out ‘market research’ to confirm our beliefs.


Now we had our product, we had to convince the ‘Dragons’ (Miss Fiddler and Miss Holliman) to invest in our business by creating a pitch. We split into teams, each with a team leader, to make sure we provided a successful pitch. Our teams were in charge of advertising, analysing our market research, comparing supermarket prices, creating recipes, stall preparation and creating our pitch. Each group created different aspects for our pitch, including three different adverts, colour schemes, two healthy recipes and graphs to support our pitch. A team of David, Tiegh, Lisa and Daisy delivered our pitch and we received our funding for the project.


Once we had our funding, we had to work out how much it would cost us to make our flapjacks and muffins, how many we should make and how much we should sell our flapjacks and muffins for in order for us to make the most amount of money for Jeans for Genes. We worked out how much each batch would cost and once we had this amount calculated we could then work out how much we could sell the flapjacks for and how much profit we would make.


Our final step was to market our product to other year groups to ensure we received the maximum number of people at our stall. We used our adverts, both video and posters, to market our product to the other children.


An important part of Enterprise Week was also learning about why we were raising the money for the Jeans for Genes Day project. During our Science lessons with Miss Mackenzie, we learnt about the invaluable work of Rosalind Franklin and the discovery of DNA and the double helix.


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who brought our flapjacks and muffins and to Miss Fiddler and Miss Holliman for investing in our product.