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Week 3 - 19th September

The entrepreneurs of class M3 have been busy this week. We have researched, pitched our ideas, carried out market research, created and finally sold a product, all in just week!

The product we decided to make and sell as a year group, were pencil toppers, which you attach to pencils and as you will have read in the newsletter, all the proceeds will be going to a very worthy cause, Jeans 4 Genes.


Jeans 4 Genes, we now know, are a charity who help raise money and support people with genetic disorders in a number of ways. Not only did we raise money to offer our support, we also thought about the feelings of children and families with genetic disorders and the little things we could do to make a difference to them.


Also this week, we have started to research Africa as it links to our book ‘African Tales’ in English. The book is a collection of traditional stories from the different countries in Africa we have been learning about. We will be reading and retelling the first story in the collection next week and continuing to learn about Africa over the following few weeks. If you have anything at home, which you think would help us with our learning, please send it in!


Along with discovering Africa, next week, we will also be continuing with our Science topic with a focus on the functions of skeletons and muscles.