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Week 3 - 1st May

A week of Maths Wizards! Maths has been about exploring written multiplication methods this week, and every child has made progress in this area! From learning new techniques to understanding why a method is used and applying this to their written calculations. Our maths Wizards have shared their knowledge and mastery with other students, therefore helping to cement their understanding in this area. It created great discussions and excitement about their tasks, and there was a real buzz about their learning and I was excited to be a part of it. Some students have asked me for some extra practice sheets for short multiplication methods, and I will give them to them next week (it is not extra homework!).


English was a feast of creativity as we recreated the celebration of Beowulf’s arrival to the village of Heorot. The children embraced their roles whole-heartedly, so therefore we had some outstanding re-enactments – from King Hrothgar and his Queen toasting Beowulf’s arrival to certain individual villagers being suspicious of Beowulf’s motives. We freeze framed moments of the feast, by taking photos, which we have now printed out ready to use next week, when we have to write a letter from Boewulf’s perspective to his father. I am looking forward to reading their letters next week.


The students continued to embrace the theme of role play throughout the week, as in History we took on the roles of members of an Anglo-Saxon village. In role, the children needed to consider what resources they would need from a place of settlement if they were a Warrior or a Farmer for example. We then continued to analyse whether the village of Stow was a good choice to settle and justify the reasons for our answers. The task culminated with the children choosing which site they would then choose to settle on a fictional map, having to choose site A, B or C and again they had to justify their choices and of course thinking from an Anglo-Saxon view point at all times! We had some great decisions and reasons.

Towards the end of the week we began to consider ideas for our upcoming class assembly, the children have some great ideas and we are looking forward to sharing our learning with you on Thursday 18th May.