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Week 3

This week saw the majority of us return to school after our residential trip to Gaveston Hall. We appreciated the extra day off to catch up on our sleep!


The plan this week was to complete a number of follow-up activities linked to our trip or our three days in school. We began our four-day week by completing some questions about our trip. A lot of us felt really proud that we had stayed away from home with our classmates and had had a great time.


Next we caught up on our diary writing for Friday. A highlight for a lot of us in Brighton was our lunch at The Palm Court Restaurant: the food was delicious. Back at school we really enjoyed our pond-dipping session.


In one of our PE sessions this week we started a unit of work on Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. The first session was all about building our teamwork skills. Our first task was to work in teams to try and keep a balloon from touching the floor. We then had to work together to cross a short distance but using a limited number of body parts. Both activities were a challenge!


We then started drafting thank you letters to everybody involved with either the Gaveston Hall trip or the staff who had looked after the pupils who remained at school. Wherever we were, the staff had tried to make our time as enjoyable as possible by organising exciting activities for us to do. After our drafts were finished, we then copied our letters up onto posh paper and they were delivered/posted today.


The next activity we started was to design a board game based either on the trip to Gaveston Hall or our time at school. Most of us worked with a partner and began by trying out a design in our sketchbooks. We then started work on our game on A3 paper, adding in the details, colouring in and, in some cases, including game cards that had problems written on. We had great fun trying them out. Look out for some pictures of our games.


This week in PSHE, our focus has been on Friendship. We talked about what makes us individuals and why it is important to appreciate each other. We anonymously wrote about what makes each other unique and special and used these ideas to create Friendship Flowers. At the end of the lesson, each child had a Friendship Flower that told them what the class thought was special about them.


In Computing, we have been learning how to organise our files and how to save work in an organised way. We created new folders, renamed files and moved documents into the correct files. We will continue our computing topic by using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint to spell check, use a thesaurus, crop images, add tables and much more! All of the skills we learn will be used to present a topic of work by the end of the year.


Finally, we spent some time collecting and collating all our work linked to the trip. We sorted it into order and soon we will each have our own topic book, with a specially designed cover, to look at.


Next week we will begin an English unit of work on Persuasion where we will be planning and writing a leaflet persuading people to visit Gaveston Hall. In Maths, will be carrying out work on finding the area of shapes.