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Week 3 - 6th March

I can’t believe we’ve been back for 3 weeks. Time has flown by. Before we know it, the Easter Bunny will be hopping his/her way into our lives!


In English, we continued our work on play scripts, based on Private Peaceful. Having identified the key features of this text type, and described our setting, we started to write our own play scripts. This has been a fantastic challenge for the children, with many of them writing some very interesting scenes. Perhaps we have the next Harold Pinter or George Bernard Shaw in our midst! Having put so much effort into writing our scenes we finished the week by performing sections from our play scripts (All good practice for our end of year production!).


Next week, we will continue to use Private Peaceful as a stimulus to write newspaper reports.

This week in Maths, we left World War One behind and returned to 2017. We turned our attentions to factors, multiples and prime numbers. We began by discussing the definitions and then looked at strategies to help us find and use them, such as factor bugs, factor trees and times tables. We finished the week by finding common multiples, common factors and representing numbers as products of prime numbers.


As many of you will be aware we have recently started to use a new spelling scheme (Read, Write, Inc). This week our focus has been adding suffixes to words ending in a vowel. As well as using the Read, Write, Inc scheme, we are continuing to learn the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 spellings and use these words in dictations. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank parents and praise the children for the effort shown so far in learning and practising spellings. We are already beginning to see a difference in the children’s work and in their confidence.


Wednesday afternoon saw our half termly sports house competition (Mr Freeman’s favourite afternoon!). Our chosen sport was basketball. As always, it was fantastic to see all the children competing and supporting each other. We saw some brilliant sportsmanship and some outstanding skills. Special mention to Harry Minihan, who scored an outrageous three-pointer, sealing victory for Earth house over Air house. Please look at our pictures this week to see the children in action. I’m already looking forward to our next competition afternoon, where I’m sure Air house will ‘blow’ away the competition!